Friday, November 20, 2009

Another week gone by

This isn't really a Friday thing, it just works out that way sometimes.

Lexi spent Saturday afternoon and night with me and then we went to church Sunday morning. It was "Bible Sunday" when Grace Church gives Bibles to the second and third graders. Lexi's grandparents' church has already given her a Bible, so now she has two. The one she leaves at Macedonia Church of Christ and gets a star for having it with her whenever she goes there. The one from Grace is for her to keep at home and read (maybe). It is the Good News translation, which is not my favorite, but it does have some good maps and other 'helps' in the back.

Then we went by Nana's house and gave her the shawl. Lexi had decided that we should wrap it as a gift. I had the perfect box for it, and she found some nice wrapping paper in one of the closets and did the wrapping herself.

I didn't see Dr Winkler this week - only his nurse practitioner, Anna. I like her. She's a bit older than the other nurse practitioners - not quite my contemporary, but not a whole lot younger than I am. Anyway, since I didn't see Dr W, we didn't discuss maintenance as I had thought we were going to. Maybe next week.

Yesterday, I met Lexi's school bus and we went to the library. I know she always wants a snack as soon as she gets home, so I took her four choices - 1) ginger snaps, 2) gjetost cheese and cucumber slices (I like that combination), 3) Fritos with Swiss cheese and havarti with horseradish, and 4) popcorn. The popcorn was not on my list when I was planning it in the morning, but when I was putting it together I couldn't think of what the fourth item was, so popcorn was an easy substitute. We had to stop at the drug store to get the rest of the pills they were short on my refill when I was there on Tuesday, so I bought beverages for us there - Yohoo for me and 'pink milk' for her. Then we sat in the parking lot at the library and consumed most of the snacks. That wound us being most of my supper. When we got into the library, we each headed to the books for our age group - intermediate and adult. She has her own library card, so she checked out three books and then used a computer for a while. I only checked out two books and then sat down and knitted until the computer she was on 'timed out.' It was a nice way to spend an hour and a half.

Today we were supposed to have our monthly service at St Martin's Church in Mayfield, but only Evelyn, Mary and I showed up - no clergy. We waited about twenty minutes past the regular starting time, then went to the Happy House (Happy is the surname of the original owner of the house) Restaurant for lunch. We had a very nice time visiting over lunch. Since my blood was very thin when they checked it Wednesday, I ordered the spinach/Swiss sandwich. I figure the spinach's vitamin K will help thicken up my blood.

This morning, I took the paper trash out to the burn barrel and started it burning. Then I put on some gardening gloves, picked up the pruners and went back to the barrel to burn some of the branches I had pruned from trees a couple of months ago. Some of the branches are too large for pruners - I'll need to use the pruning saw on them. One of the large ones fell against my leg and I thought, "That will cause a bruise. Will I remember where it came from when I see it tonight when I take my jeans off?" Then I moved a bit and realized that I felt something wet on my leg. I looked down and there was a dark spot on my jeans - blood! I made sure there was no danger of anything falling out of the barrel and then returned to the house to put a bandaid on my my injury. It wound up taking five bandaids since I only have the regular width ones. I guess it is a combination of getting older and of the medications I take that has caused my skin to be so thin.

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