Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday again already?

Maybe I've been busier than I thought.

Sunday I went to the opening reception at the Ice House for the annual juried exhibition. I have not entered anything for several years. It's always interesting to see what the juror selects. There was a really good turnout for the reception, which was good to see. Those of us who are part of the Art Guild often feel that most people in town don't know we're there.

On Monday I actually did something other than knit. I moved some of the dirt I got the men to leave for me when they cut down the bank on my neighbor's property. I wimped out after three half-barrowfuls though. That filled the hole at the north end of the house, but I will probably need to add more after it rains. There are other places I need to put dirt as well. I'll get it done sometime. I also wove the second of the looper rugs. Just one more to go and I can cut off that warp and put on the narrow one I want to work on during the Walk through Bethlehem the first two weekends in December.

Tuesday was the regular weekly fiber group at the Ice House. Alyssa had joined us the last two or three weeks, but she started a new job Monday and no longer has that time free. I guess we only have five more weeks before we take a six-week break - the Ice House is always closed from just before Christmas until the beginning of February.

Nothing significant of Wednesday - just rearranging a few things in the dining room.

Yesterday, Thursday, was the Vintage Grace meeting at church - for us senior citizens. We met at 11 am and filled boxes for the Seaman's Church Institute's Christmas on the River project. I took with me three scarf and hat sets plus six hats that I have knit since my last donation to SCI. I also took several shawls to give to the rector for her and other parish visitors to give to people who need an extra 'hug'. After filling the boxes, we had lunch. We won't be meeting again until January because of the holidays.

Today I'm doing laundry and knitting. I'm working on the border at the bottom of the Pie-Are-Square shawl I've decided to have Lexi give to her Nana (her dad's mother), who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I plan to have Lexi tell her it's to wrap around her shoulders when she has her chemo treatments. Last I heard she had not yet decided on how extensive she wants surgery to be. Then after that will come radiation and chemo I guess. When I started this shawl, it was not for anyone in particular = just the 'keep in the car to work on when I forget to take another project along' project. I was about half way through when Alyssa told me of Beverly's diagnosis. I decided that the shawl is for her and have made a special effort to complete it. The yarn is some that I got almost 22 years ago at an auction for a nickel a ball, so I only have 25 or 30 cents tied up in it, but many, many hours of knitting. The border alone will probably take eight hours.

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