Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cheese & Christmas

There's not really a connection, just two things I've been thinking about today.

Lisa asked about the gjetost cheese I mentioned recently. It's a Norwegian cheese that is brown in color - maybe caramel-colored would be more accurate. It's flavor reminds me a bit of evaporated milk. Although I don't like evaporated milk, I do like gjetost cheese occasionally. I used to buy it in NJ, but hadn't seen it in western KY until last week at the Kroger beside Noble Park. I don't know how I came to eat it with cucumbers, but I do like the combination. Lexi didn't care for it, but she does like the camembert that I bought this week. That did not surprise me, since I know she likes brie; the two cheeses are quite similar. I'm trying to help raise this child to like a wide varity of food. So far I think we're doing well in that regard, although I wish she'd eat more vegetables. I also want her to be willing to try new things. I've told her that I don't ever want to hear her say she doesn't like something if she hasn't accually tried it. You can say you don't like the way it looks or smells, but unless you've tasted it, you can't say whether you like it or not.

I even tried limberger cheese a couple of years ago. One of the stories I remember Mother telling was of Grandma smelling something unsavory one day. She checked all the kids' pants, but there had been no 'accidents.' She kept sniffing and finally followed her nose to the pantry, where she discovered that Grandpa had brought home some limberger. It is something I might eat a sliver of every two or three years, but it won't bother me to live without it for the rest of my life.

Now to the Christmas part:

Here's some of the plant material Lexi and I gathered yesterday morning.

And here is what she did with some of it in a corner of the dining room.
We also hung angels on the mantel. Only a knitter would have this kind of covering for her mantel. The top is machine-knit in green, and the edging is hand-crocheted in red. The edge along the back side is just single crochet, but on the ends and the front side, I did several rows of other stitches, ending with picots along the bottom. The picots are good for hanging ornaments from. There are nails along the back of the mantel to grab the covering, but I also weighted it at one end with a heavy rock and at the other with some small but heavy marble candle holders. Lexi hung a bunch more things here after she took the picture, and I added plant material to the top of the mantel this morning. I also moved the Father Christmas away from the tiger print. He is more visible against the white wall. I put an all-white mother and child figurine where Father Christmas is in this picture. It shows up well there.
There were hangers in the boxes with some of the ornaments, but not with all of them. I think I have more hangers somewhere, but not in the boxes I pulled off the shelves. It was easier to give Lexi a package of 18 gauge aluminum wire and needle-nose pliars with wire cutter, than to pull down more boxes of decorations looking for the 'store-bought' hangers. I told her that way she could make the hangers whatever length she wanted them.

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