Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wow! It's 1 o'clock already! And I was up before 6 for no good reason. So far, I have:

1) pulled out some leftover sock yarn. Valarie told us yesterday that Stephanie is gathering sock yarn to make a blanket for a neighbor. It will be nice to have less sock yarn sitting in the basket asking me what I'm going to do with it.

2) knit several rows on a prayer shawl I started a couple of weeks ago. I've made two other shawls since then, but let this one languish for a while. There's still a good bit more to go on it.

3) put a penny into each of the 22 (so far) mini-stocking ornaments I've made for Lexi to give to her classmates and other friends. I pushed them down to the toe and ran a couple of stitches across the top of the penny to hold it in.

4) finished warping the loom and wove six inches. The warp is only three yards long and 60 threads wide. It's what I plan to work on during the Walk through Bethlehem coming up the first two weekends in December.

5) received phone calls from both of my children. Dominic was on a bus on his way to Carmen's house. Carmen told me about what she is cooking. She likes to cook.

I will be picking up Lexi later today and bringing her here to spend the night and the day tomorrow. She spent last night with her father and will have dinner with his family, so I don't know what house I'll get her from. I think we'll do some decorating tomorrow. I plan for us to go outside and gather holly, ivy, nandino berries, pinecones, Japanese maple leaves (they're a beautiful shade of red now) and anything else we can find in the yard that seems appropriate. Then she can arrange them on some large trays and put some Santa and angel ornaments among the greenery. I think she'll do a good job and also will enjoy doing it.


I saw Dr Winkler briefly yesterday. He has changed the way I take Revlimid - not the amount per day, but the number of days. I've been taking it every day, but now he wants me to not take it for a week, then take it for three weeks, then off a week, etc. Next month he wants me to do another 24 hour urine collection and will order some blood work in addition to what they do at every visit. At first he said to do the urine collection on the 16th, but I told him I have a colonoscopy scheduled on the 17th, so he said to wait until after that.

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HappyCRNA said...

HI Adele!!!
You have a great blog - I wish I'd known sooner that you have one here. This is a great way to keep folks posted on what's going on in your world!
I hope to see you at knitting again soon and thanks for the roving advice!
Lisa Goff