Friday, January 29, 2010

Advantages of neuropathy?

I think I mentioned one a few months ago - not feeling holes in my socks. I believe it was Stephanie who said then that I was trying awfully hard to find something positive.

As a fellow knitter, she may not think this new one is so bad. Large knitting needles - 11, 13, 15 - aren't so bad! I've always hated them; found them too big to work with, although I have large hands (I've always had a hard time finding leather gloves to fit.) However, I've used large needles recently quite satisfactorily. I think the neuropathy has something to do with that.

Weather Report:

The ground is white and the white stuff is expected to continue falling all night. I talked to Alyssa a few minutes ago and we both agreed that we're not going anywhere.

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