Monday, January 11, 2010

We're Havin' a Heat Wave . . .

At 10:45 am, it's already up to freezing, and predicted to get several degrees warmer! I think it's been about a week since it has been this 'warm.' I've stayed in the house most of the time, knitting and weaving.

This is the laprobe I've knit from three skeins of the yarn I brought home from church last Sunday. It is a slip stitch pattern that somewhat resembles houndstooth. The edging is a simple garter stitch started with seven stitches, increasing one stitch every other  row up to twelve stitches and then decreasing one stitch every other row back to seven. It is attached to the main work as it is worked. 

I've started a watchcap for the Seaman's Church Institute with another one of the skeins and will probably make watchcaps with the remaining four or five skeins, as well.

I've also been doing some weaving, in order to use up the rest of the warp I put on for the Walk through Bethlehem. Since it is a narrow warp, I'm making mug rugs. The warp is variegated blue/tan/white. This mug rug has a yellow weft. In the upper left corner, you can see the shuttle of blue that I plan to use next for another half-dozen mug rugs. My spacers are from an old venetian blind that was being discarded about ten years ago. I have cut the slats to lengths I use to separate the layers of warp when I wind it onto the loom. I didn't use them at the Walk, because they would certainly not be period correct. This loom isn't either, but some things have to be overlooked (like the glasses so many of us were wearing).

When I take the work off the loom, I'll set up my sewing machine and work a row of zig-zag stitches along each edge of the mug rugs. I'll then cut them apart in the middle of the spacer section, which will give them a short fringe. I'm not sure what I'll do with them. Perhaps the agency that helps kids who have aged out of foster care would like them. Or I could put them in the gift shop of the Art Guild for sale. Or maybe some for sale and some donated. Such problems I have!

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Anonymous said...

I think your houndstooth lap robe is stunning. Would you mind giving more detailed pattern instructions? Was this a pattern of yours or from a periodical?

I found your blog years ago and follow you regularly. My grandparents were from KY, and I grew up in IN. I live in MD now.

Good health wishes to you.