Sunday, January 3, 2010

My loom came home yesterday.

What kind of mental picture does that give you? Can you imagine the loom walking down KY80 for 17 miles? 

I think I'll make a bunch of mugrugs with the rest of that warp, and then start weaving rugs for the kids who've aged out of foster care.

This morning I took a bunch of shawls and short capes to church with me and left them in the rector's office. Two people told me of other parishioners who were please to have a shawl or cape I made. That's always nice to hear; we all like to have our work appreciated, don't we?

After service, I went upstairs and took about two pounds of the yarn that has been donated for charity knitting. I took mostly browns, and thought I'd make some watchcaps and scarves for the Seaman's Church Institute. However, on the way home, I changed my mind. I have started a laprobe with medium brown and dark gold.

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Oliver said...

Adele, great to read about all of your knitting exploits! Keep up the good work ... and especially the knitting for the Seamen's Church Institute. Happy New Year!