Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Talking - I did a lot of it today

I also was late for my oncology appointment. It was 11:30, but they want you there 15 or 20 minutes early to draw blood. I got there about 11:25 although I left home about 9:30. I went first to Hobby Lobby to see if they had the new Piecework magazine. They didn't, nor did they have any yarn on sale that I couldn't live without, so I didn't get to use the 40% off coupon I had. Then I went to Books-a-Million - dangerous! When I went in, I knew that I shouldn't stay longer than half an hour. However, I don't wear a watch. I was there at least 45 minutes. But I didn't spend too much money, only too much time. All I bought was the Piecework for $7.41,

Then I had to stop at the drug store for my one nausea pill to take before they start my treatment. Since I had called yesterday and told them that I wanted to pick it up today, they had it ready. Several of the ones who work the counter know me, since I'm there so often - I don't even have to tell them my name.

When I went into the treatment room for the blood draw, I didn't see my friend from church, Sara, because she was at the far end of the room. When I went back after seeing the doctor, I headed down that way as I usually do. There was an empty chair beside her, so I sat there. I told I her it was good to see her, and I think we both said at the same time, "but not here." I had wondered why her name was on the prayer list at church. She has chronic leukemia of some kind. I didn't have a chance to talk to her when we were both at church a week and a half ago, but she did tell me then that the rector had given her one of the shawls I had knitted. She told me today that was when she was in the hospital for about two weeks with pneumonia. She also had her first two leukemia treatments during that time. It was really good to talk with her today.

After my treatment, I got a sandwich from the dollar menu at Burger King (I'm cheap), and then went to the coffee shop to meet the other fiber people. It had to be 1:30 by then, and I stayed until about 5 o'clock. I didn't get much knitting done because of all the talking, but that's what usually happens.

By then it was almost dark, and was completely dark when I came out of Kroger. I got home about 6:30.

Tomorrow I have to go into Mayfield to meet Lexi's school bus and take her to gymnastics. I was suppose to do that yesterday, as well. I went to Mayfield early and had lunch at the Senior Center. Alyssa called me while I was there and said that Trevor would be home to meet the bus - he missed work because of a doctor's visit. I did go by their house to drop off some knitting-related things for Alyssa, but didn't stay.

The time I spent at the Senior Center was enjoyable. I don't go there often since I retired from there four years ago. There are a bunch of 'new' people, both among the seniors and on the staff. But there are also a bunch who were regulars then and still are, so I can always find people to talk to. Two nurses came while I was there to check blood pressure and blood sugar. My pressure was good, but the sugar was 129 - higher than I like it. I mentioned that to Dr Winkler today and said I thought it may have been because of the Decadron (steroid) I had taken that morning. He agreed that was probable. When they have checked it in his office, it has been below 100.


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