Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Medical Stuff

When Dr Winkler walked into the exam room this morning, he said, "Well, you failed your test." They detected some problems with my heart, so he called Dr McElroy of The Heart Group. I will go into Western Baptist Hospital at 6:30 Friday morning. I guess they will do a catheterization to determine if they need to do anything more, like a stent. They said to come prepared to spend the night. I plan to drive myself - no need for anyone else to get up that early. Then when Alyssa goes to work a few hours later, Trevor will ride up with her and drive my car back to their house. Whenever I do leave the hospital, one of them will fetch me.

Because of this, I did not have my Velcade again today. I continue to take the Revlimid at home though. Dr Winkler agreed with me that the pain I had in my teeth over the weekend was probably a reaction to the nuclear stuff they injected into me for the scan part of the stress test. I showed him the small lump I discovered under my left arm during the night Friday/Saturday. He said it was just a cyst that had a 'whitehead' on it. I hadn't been able to see the head. He lanced it, drained what he could, and put a large bandaid on it. I'll try to squeeze out a bit more before I go to bed and put on another bandaid.

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