Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weaving, knitting, etc.

I found a little 'loom' for sampling and put several warp threads of each of five different colors on it, then wove in royal blue and black filler. The black really makes the colors 'pop.' I have since discovered that one stack of the 'wheels' of stuff I have for filler is navy rather than black, so that gives me another possibility for rugs. I'm still deciding how I want to stripe the warp. I'll probably do several different warps in the next few months.

This morning I took one laprobe and nine shawls or capes to church with me for the prayer shawl ministry. It had been two months since I'd taken such things in. I think the rector was glad to see them. Now I only have two shawls on a drying rack and three on the needles. Then there are also an afghan for a great-niece, a baby hat, a dishcloth and a doll sweater on the needles. The large things will probably be finished before the small ones are.

Late yesterday afternoon, I got a phone call from a woman at church. Olivia, who will be 90 on Tuesday, said she had visited another parishioner who had one of the shawls I made. She said when she saw it she said to herself, "I can do that." She wanted to know if there were any rules about patterns or yarns. I told her that I usually use machine washable yarns because most of us don't like to hand wash things now-a-days, but that any yarn is OK. Also any pattern is OK - I usually make up my own. It was wonderful to have someone else volunteer to knit.


Thursday was my gardening day. I weeded several herb and flower beds, planted some seeds, and mowed the fenced area behind the house. I thought there were 21 gladiolus corms that Lexi planted, but there are 23 coming up.

My neighbor had a friend with a chainsaw helping him that day. While I was taking one of my knitting breaks on the back porch, Robbie asked if they could trim some of the trees on  my side of the driveway. That sounded good to me. So the friend cut down several of the volunteer trees there and they dragged them up the drive behind Robbie's golf cart. That will supply fuel for a nice bonfire later. There is plenty more stuff they can cut down, as well. Maybe it will provide fuel for all of the bonfires Robbie and his friends and family like to have throughout the summer. 

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