Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend with Lexi

Alyssa had training this weekend for her new job, and Lexi wanted to spend some time with me, so Alyssa brought her out on Friday evening. Saturday morning, Lexi got fancy with her breakfast. She has learned to scramble eggs and also to make omelets. She had meant to make an omelet, but something went wrong, so she wound up with scrambled eggs. Alyssa had brought the huge strawberries, which Lexi and I ate many of over the weekend. Here, they are the eyes and nose. On Sunday morning, she toasted a ciabata sandwich roll (big enough to share), spread it with butter and apricot jam, and then put sliced strawberries on top. It was very good. I wouldn't have thought of combining the apricots and strawberries.
Recently, Lisa G, one of my knitting friends, gave me about four ounces each of wool from four of her sheep. After breakfast, Lexi and I washed that wool. She got very good at putting together the drying racks. Lisa had written the breed of each sheep on a note, and we taped those notes to the rack so we wouldn't loose track of which was what. Next time Lexi comes, we'll need to do some flick-carding or combing with mini-combs. I have to pass this interest in fibers on to another generation, you know.

When the wool was all clean, we went outside and walked around the yard to look at the things we had planted a few weeks ago. I also got rid of some honeysuckle and pulled the dead cypress vine from last year off the fence. I like the honeysuckle on the bank beside the driveway, but I don't want it on the fence. Lexi had disappeared for a few minutes. Then she came out and called me to the back porch. She had my lunch for me. On a small tray, she had a serving of pasta salad, four of the huge strawberries, a glass of water (my favorite beverage), and several roses in a juice glass. It looked wonderful!

Yesterday, we went to church and then came back here for a few hours.. A little after 3 pm, we headed to Mayfield, swinging by to pick up her cousin Jake on the way. They were both invited to a birthday party at Pizza Hut. I took them inside to make sure the birthday girl was there, then went back to the car, rolled down two windows and knitted for about two hours. It was warm, but there were frequent cool breezes, so I was mostly comfortable and I got quite a bit done on the laprobe I started Friday.

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