Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Stress Test

I got to the medical pavilion a few minutes early this morning, but didn't have long to wait  until a tech called me back. She put in an IV, asked my height, weight and bra size (I kid you not!), and led me to another, smaller waiting room. After checking both arms, she decided that the best place was just below the inside of my right elbow. This meant that I couldn't bend my right arm very much. That made knitting a bit difficult, and slower than usual.

Next they hooked me up to a monitor and did an EKG with me lying down and then on the treadmill for about six minutes. They took blood pressure readings several times, as well. Then they injected some stuff into the IV (radioactive?) and sent me back to the small waiting room, saying I could now partake of the coffee, orange juice, muffins, etc they provided in the next room. I took a cup of coffee, but couldn't drink much of it - Coffeemate is gross!

Next they put me through a scanner of some type. I think the bra size question had something to do with the scanner. By then it was 10:15 and they told me I could leave, but needed to be back by 12:15. I went to the Senior Center to visit with old friends and to eat lunch. I still had that IV in my arm, which made driving a little awkward. Fortunately, I'm semi-ambidextrous, so eating with the fork in my left hand wasn't too difficult.

After I went back to the lab, they injected more stuff and put me through the scanner again. Then they took out the IV and said I was done. Now I just need to wait to hear from the doctor. 

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