Monday, July 5, 2010

Watchcaps, etc

When I went to church on Wednesday two weeks ago, our rector was on vacation. The new chaplain at the Seaman's Church Institute was subbing for her. He mentioned the help that Grace Church gives SCI with their Christmas on the River project and other things. That got me started knitting watchcaps (four, so far) and scarves (only one so far for them, but another for some other cause). Those thing are small and easy to carry with me. I'll accumulate them until about October, then drop them off at SCI when I'm in Paducah one day. 

Now I'm trying to finish a couple of projects that have been languishing. I finished a 'random' shawl in white and pastels a couple of days ago, and am now working on a Tasha Tudor shawl. I started both of these months ago and then set them aside. My random shawls usually work up pretty quickly, but this one didn't. I think the white and pastel colors aren't as interesting as the brighter colors are. The end result is very pretty though, and I'm sure someone will love it. I'm making the Tasha Tudor (a simple triangle with an interesting edging) in a light-weight, dark, boucle yarn on a size 3 needle, so it will take a while. However, it has gone well for the last two days, so maybe t won't take as long as I think.

On one of the Yahoo groups, someone mentioned that her brain was working on planning the next project while she worked on the current one. Mine usually does that, too, but now it is not. Maybe that's good for a change. I'm sure it will get back to normal before too long.

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