Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Oncology appointment again today. My red cell count was good, so no Procrit. My weight was two pounds less than three weeks ago. The increase last week was definitely from several days without my diuretic. I got it refilled last Thursday, and did spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom during the first couple of days after I resumed taking it. After the next cycle of Velcade treatments, Dr Winkler will order more x-rays, additional blood work, etc. One of the proteins in my blood is slowly creeping up, so there will probably be changes in my treatment soon. C'est la vie!


I had a good time at the coffee shop knitting group. Last week I brought home seven Vogue Knitting magazines from the past ten years, but declined the yarn that someone had given the group. Today I was asking for yarn, and brought home quite a bit. What changed? Lexi has decided to be a hand-knit sock for Halloween! My vision of this was to have the foot at the bottom and the cuff at her head. Yesterday at the Ice House, I learned that was not what she had in mind. And my friend Mary, who was there, had the same idea Lexi had. Mary has raised five kids, the youngest of whom is in college, so I imagine she's made a lot of Halloween costumes. The foot will be behind her head, and the heel will have eye and mouth holes for her face. The leg of the sock will actually be hanging down. That will mean that I don't need as much 'framework' as the way I had in  mind would require. Today, Jennifer, who has done some theater costuming, gave me more ideas. Once I get the framework done, the knitting will be easy. I'll make it very colorful - stripes, some of them with fairisle patterns.

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