Sunday, December 26, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

Tuesday, Dr Stephen Jackson put a rod in my right femur, using three screws (1 at the top and 2 at the bottom) to hold it in place. He had said that I'd be there one night, but I only got home Yesterday, Christmas Day. My granddaughter's father-in law drove me there Tuesday and stayed until I was in a regular room. I told him he didn't need to, but he said Lexi would beat him up if he didn't. I asked her yesterday if that was true, and she said that she and Nana had both said that.

The surgery went well, but didn't start until at least two hours after its scheduled time of noon. (I had to be there at ten o'clock). Physical Therapy didn't get me up until the next afternoon. I was not expecting to have as much pain as I had 3 1/2 years ago with my hip replacement, but I  did. The first two days I had a morphine(?) pump. I felt like I was pressing that button frequently, but the nurses said I used less of that pain medication than most people do. I guess I take after my father in not needing much pain meds.

Yesterday afternoon Alyssa and Trevor came and brought me home. We stopped on the way and picked up Lexi from her grandparents' house. She spent the night with me. I know she's only half the age of the person the medical community expects to be there for the first day or so after release, but I figured I wouldn't need anything she couldn't take care of. We did just fine. 

I slept in Rose's bed because there is no step up to the bathroom there as there is in my room. Lexi was going to sleep in Sara's bed, but while we were getting ready for bed, I goofed. She mentioned that some of her dad's family have 'seen' her Papaw's parents in his house in the time since they've both been dead. We talked a bit about ghosts, etc, and I mentioned that her mother and a friend of her father's had both seen a man in this house.(I described what they saw to a man I knew whose brother-in-law used to live here. James poo-pooed the idea of ghosts, but said that description sounded like Harry Green.) Lexi changed her mind quickly, and started setting up a pallet on the floor in Rose's room.

Right now my leg is hurting; I think because I've been sitting here too long. I need to get up and walk a bit, and then take a pain pill.

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