Friday, December 3, 2010

Two down - Three to go

Nights of the Walk through Bethlehem, that is. So far, so good. It's been cold, but I've worn several layers of clothing, and there is a bonfire behind me and a chimenea (sp) beside me, so only my fingers, toes and nose have gotten cold. My toes are always cold anyway. I wore thin, cotton gloves at the beginning, but couldn't work that way, so I've just had fingerless gloves with the disposable hand warmers like hunters use..

The first night, there seemed to be dust on the top of the loom. I thought maybe it came from the smoke from the fires. I reached out to wipe it off, and discovered that it was frost! That probably was part of the reason that the harnesses were sticking. Last night was not quite as cold, and I think tonight may be a couple of degrees warmer.

I had Rose there with me part of last night, and she'll be there even longer tonight. She wants to wear a costume. I hope they have one to fit her, so she can be one of the Bethlehem children. 

I took Rose for allergy testing yesterday afternoon. She protested a great deal! I finally had to hold her. I wanted to do that from the beginning, but the nurse wanted to see if she'd hold out her arms by herself. After it was done, she realized that it wasn't too bad, after all. The only thing that she reacted significantly to was dust mites.

Today she's playing dress-up and watching movies on her DVD player. She just asked if she could have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. When I told her I'd fix it in a few minutes, when I finished this blog entry, she said she could fix it herself. I said OK, so she did - did a very good job of it, too.

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