Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Project complete?

What can you do with a cone of red/green/white variegated cotton, two size 7 double-pointed knitting needles, scissors, a yarn needle, needle-nose pliers, and 18-gauge aluminum wire?
I've been making candy cane ornaments for Lexi and Rose to give to their class-mates. There are only ten of them here, but I have seventy done so far. When Lexi and I had supper together Monday evening, we counted up her classmates and the kids on the cheerleading squad. After backing out duplicates and adding teachers, she'll need four dozen. I don't have counts yet for Rose's pre-school and dance classes, but it's likely to be more than 22. I'd better continue.

Lexi's cheerleading group placed first in the Paducah competition on Saturday! Last night they all went to the Paducah city commission meeting to collect their trophy and $300. The money will go toward their trip to the Nationals in Chicago in January.

I'm proud of Lexi for being in that group and helping it win the award. However, I'm more proud of her for something else she told me about at supper on Monday. Of the five sections of fourth grade at Mayfield Elementary School, she scored highest on the reading test! So she's not only agile in body, but also in mind. 

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