Monday, February 14, 2011

Brown is a lovely color.

About 99% of the snow is gone. On my drive this morning, I enjoyed seeing the browns, tans, and beiges of the fields and the dead grass and leaves. I drove very slowly down my driveway, watching the south-facing bank for daffodil leaves. Some of them are up about half an inch. The first ones will bloom before the end of this month, and next month they will be everywhere. I'm looking forward to that! Then they'll be followed by the forsythias, redbuds, dogwoods, lilacs. etc. And in July and August we'll complain about the heat!

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HappyCRNA said...

I too like the browns; however i'm ready for greens. My animals and fowl are also. I hope your treatments are working their magic, and that you continue to do well yourself. Let me know when you're ready tomspin!