Friday, February 11, 2011

More Snow

Wednesday morning, I went around the corner to pay my water bill and my annual fire department dues, and talked to the two ladies in that office. They said the roads were not good, and there was more snow forecast for the day. I then went to the local gas station and filled the tank and went home. I called and cancelled my appointments for the day. It did snow off and on all day. I guess our total accumulation this week is about six inches. I know that sounds like nothing to many people, but it's a lot for us. The roads were still pretty bad yesterday morning, so I stayed home again. However, today things were much better, and temperatures are predicted to be above freezing for the next few days.

After my radiation treatment this morning, I went to church to put some patterns in the knitting ministry closet. The Heartland Lace Guild was meeting there, so I spent some time with them. This is a group that does bobbin lace, which fascinates me. I belonged to the group for a couple of years, although I never tried to lace.

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