Thursday, February 3, 2011

We have lights!

Actually, we've had them since Tuesday. The electrician will come back when it is not cold and raining to fix the problem, but for now he has disconnected something to make the rest of it work.

I had my eighth radiation treatment on my leg this morning - five more to go. I assume it's doing what it's supposed to; I can't feel any difference.

After leaving the hospital, I went to the Dollar General store in Lone Oak for a couple of things. After making my purchases, I sat in the car, knitting until about time for the schoolbus Lexi and the other cheerleaders were on to pass. When they did, I was standing on the sidewalk waving. I wonder is anyone noticed me. They were on their way to Carbondale IL to catch a train to Chicago for the national cheerleading competition. I sure hope the weekend goes well for them.

Then I drove about a mile up the street to the oral surgeon's office. I'm healing OK, but need to continue using the Peridex rinse at least twice a day. He'd really like me to use it three times a day. Sometimes I do, but sometimes it's only twice.

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