Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Graduation Day

Rose 'graduated' from pre-school today. These are a few pictures of the event. There are five classes in the morning and five more in the afternoon, with about a dozen kids in each class. They do AM and PM graduations separately. The kids sang (with a recording) several songs, doing hand motions with a couple of them. We were also shown a video of them working throughout the year. I couldn't go to such programs for my grandchildren, but now that I'm retired and live close to my great-grandchildren, I'm making up for it (sort of).

Lexi still has school until next Wednesday, although it will be mostly fun stuff rather than studying. They had the Kentucky CATS (I forget what that stands for) tests and the Iowa tests (I remember those from when I was in school, I think) two weeks ago. She said she had no problem with them. She gave me a picture she drew on her 'scratch sheet' because she didn't need to do any scratch work.

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