Saturday, May 7, 2011

Two scarves for my uncles.

That reminds me of Perri Klass' book Two Sweaters for my Father.

I may be going to a family reunion in Minnesota this summer. This is my mother's family who get together every four years. Mom was number six of twelve children. Only the two youngest (and their spouses) remain from that generation. I have decided to take, or send with my sister if I don't go, shawls for my aunts and scarves for my uncles. I have a supply of shawls; I'm not sure which ones I will give them. However, I had to make the scarves when I decided to do this. These are what I made.

And this may be one of the shawls. I call it Red Tulips. There are 260 of them. I wanted the tulips to be right-side-up from both ends. The stitch pattern forms the tulips when knitted from the top down, so I started with a provisional cast-on and worked one half. Then I put the original stitches back on the needle and worked down to the other end. I don't do fringes very often, but this is one project that I was considering fringing. However, from two 7-oz skeins of Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn, I only had about a yard and a half left, so no fringe.

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