Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knitting Knews

In the last three days, I have finished three of the projects I had going - a baptismal blanket, a small shawl/cape, and a laprobe. I got Lexi to help me photograph them.
Not the best picture (so what else is new?) It is pastel green and has a different cross in each of the four corners. It also has a crown, a scallop shell, a chalice, a star of David, and a butterfly.

I didn't realize she had it on crooked. I don't know why she was looking so solemn. 
The laprobe is a '10-stitch' blanket done with leftover yarns. The technique is a great way to use up small amounts. 

So now I have cast on for two more shawls and another baptismal blanket.

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