Sunday, June 24, 2012


11 and 6 1/2 are hardly babies, but I had both great-granddaughters here last night. I met Alyssa, Stephen, Lexi and Devin in Paducah for supper, and brought Lexi home with me. Sara brought Rose over to stay here so she and Reggie could go to a party. The girls and I had been in bed for about two hours, when I heard a soft, "Grandmother, it's Sara." The party they were at had wound up joining the one behind my property. She and a couple of other girls had needed a bathroom, so she brought them to use mine. I hope they didn't look at how badly the toilet needed cleaning.

While it was still light, Rose pulled and cut (with the long-handled pruners) some weeds for me. She seemed to enjoy it, and planned to do more today. This morning we went out for a few minutes, but then she started feeling bad. She wound up dozing several times during the day.

Alyssa called this afternoon and told Lexi that her dad's parents wanted her to spend a couple of days with them; her grandfather would come about 6:30 to get her. About 4:30 she went to visit her girlfriend nearby and was going to return about 5:45, so we could have dinner before Bobby got here. She returned by 5:30 with a headache, and only ate about one bite.

When Bobby got here, I asked him if he could start my lawn mower. I have been unable to start it for several weeks (of course, I haven't tried since my first cataract surgery). It started right up for him and he took off mowing the fenced-in area behind the house.  As I watched him, I tried to remember how long it has been since I could walk like that. It took him about half the time it would take me, but then he's close to fifteen years younger than I am.

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