Sunday, October 14, 2012

Big Game Hunter

Great-granddaughter Lexi spent the weekend with her father and went deer hunting with him. She got one!
The tattooed man behind her is her father, Andy. Now her grandfather needs to make special deer jerky for her from her own deer. Her grandmother refuses to cook any game, but PawPaw makes wonderful jerky. Maybe she'll share some with me.

I wonder if she helped field-dress the deer?

Edited later to add: Lexi called me this afternoon to tell me about her deer. It is a doe, about 160 pounds. She said she refused to help field-dress it, but she did hold the flashlight - I guess that's helping, too. She said her mom will get the shoulders, and Pawpaw will make jerky for her. I forgot to ask if her dad, grandfather or cousin Jake (age 12) got anything.

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Carmen said...

I'm sure Lexi will give you some too :) If not, you and I can devour my bag when I visit :)