Monday, October 8, 2012

Take the bad along with the good

That's what 'they' say you need to do, isn't it?

First the bad: Friday my neighbor's lawn mower threw a stone at my car and this is the result.
I no longer have comprehensive insurance on the car, and Robbie's homeowners insurance said they would not pay since it didn't happen on his property. Even if they would, the damage is less than the $500 deductible. At first I said something about going halves, and he was OK with that, but then I thought that would be awfully chintzy of me, since he's been mowing a large part of my yard for several years just because he likes doing it.

Now the good:
My great-grandson, Brady Ray Ragsdale was born this morning at 11:33. He weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces and was 18 inches long.

This morning, before he was born, while she was in labor, Alyssa arranged for her first husband's parents to pick me up when they took Lexi to the hospital to see her little brother and then to return home (end of fall break - back to school tomorrow). They were going to pick me up about 2:30, but when Brady came earlier, she was jumping up and down, begging to go right away. I was ready, so that was OK with me. Beverly and Bobby consider Alyssa their daughter, so they were just as interested in seeing the baby as anyone else. (They are also very nice people and took me to a store to get bread and toilet paper after we left the hospital.)

Lexi and Devin got to hold their baby brother before any of the rest of us did. It was the first time Devin ever held a baby, but Lexi's an old hand at it, because she has several younger cousins. Alyssa had bought T-shirts for them saying "Big Sister Lexi" and "Big Brother Devin" and a onsie saying "Little Brother Brady". She gave the kits the shirts in the hospital room and they put them on right away.

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Kaye Reynolds said...

Congratulations, Adele. Grandchildren and great-children must be wonderful. I keep hoping that one of my two daughters will have children someday. I enjoy reading about yours and seeing the wonderful things you knit for them.