Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Gang

That's how my daughter titled her email message when she sent me this picture; one of the girls had posted it on Facebook.
I love it! My two granddaughters and their children. Alyssa and Brady were just home from the hospital. their daughter/sister Alexis is 11 - nothing like raising your own babysitter! Sara is holding Lily (3 months) with Rose (7 years) beside her. Lily was one ounce less at birth than Brady was. She's grown a lot in three months, hasn't she?

And Alyssa says this is what Brady looks like after he has nursed.
Very contented! I told her to put some clothes on him - it's getting cold. She said they both like the skin-to-skin feel while he nurses, and that he starts looking for a nipple as soon as she takes his clothes off.

Do you think he has enough hair? That's par for the course in our family; I don't think we've had any bald babies.


I've finished two shawls in the last few days. They were both started in September.
 This one is done with some wool I spun several years ago. The top triangle is undyed, the dark stripe near the bottom is colored wool dyed with green synthetic dye, and the rest of it was dyed with onion skins, I think. That medium-value stripe in the middle started out gray, I believe, and the rest was white. The shawl pattern is called 198 yds of Heaven. I don't usually use other people's patterns, and when I do, I don't make them exactly as written. This one was meant to be scarf or shawlette size, but I wanted it larger, so I used a larger needle and did at least one extra repeat of the pattern. It is a full-size shawl. I could probably make it even larger, but I did only a gentle blocking.

This one is not real large, but it is as large as I could make it with the one large skein of sport weight acrylic that I found in the yarn that was donated to my church for the knitting group. I started at the bottom with enough stitches for one repeat of the fan and feather pattern I used. I then added one stitch each end, every row, adding more repeats of the stitch pattern as I had enough stitches. I like the wavey edge at the top; it is simply a result of the stitch pattern.

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