Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Once again, ten days

Since I posted, that is. It's been fairly busy. Daughter Carmen and her friend Mark came last Thursday and stayed until Monday morning. They're from New Jersey, and Mark has a boat there, so they were keeping a pretty close eye on the storm. They met Brady for the first time and enjoyed the other grandchildren, as well. And of course, Lexi and Rose spent as much time as possible with Grammy.

We celebrated Rose's seventh birthday, and this time it was Kyra's turn to have the long, pouty face as Rose opened her gifts.
Sara had taken Rose to WalMart to select her cake - she liked the one that came with a crown. It was actually supposed to go on top of the cake, but the writing didn't leave enough room. The girls had fun putting the crown on everyone's heads, including Lily's and Brady's.

Carmen and Mark took the northern route home on Monday - through Ohio and Pennsylvania. That way they entered New Jersey near Trenton and only had twenty or thirty miles to Carmen's condo. She said they didn't hit any road closures until about a mile and a half from her place; then they only had to turn around and enter the development by the other entrance. Mark's boat is still afloat.

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