Thursday, November 8, 2012

119.4 miles

That's how far I drove yesterday - Milburn to Metropolis to south side of Paducah to downtown Paducah to west end of Paducah to Sedalia to Milburn.

In Metropolis, I looked through three knitting books for a teddy bear pattern, but didn't find what I wanted, and picked up the claim checks for Bob's luggage (It hadn't made one of the changes enroute from NJ on Monday). On the south side of Paducah, I picked up Bob's luggage at the Greyhound station. In downtown Paducah, I went to the eucharist service at Grace Church. In the west end of Paducah, I met several knitting friends at Panera Bread. At Sedalia, I dropped Bob's luggage off at Sara's house. Bob was there. He had spent the night in his apartment and said it was very quiet. He also said the camp cot I lent him was too low. (I agree; I don't think I could sleep on it.) Sara is going to borrow an air mattress from Reggie's grandmother for him to use (on top of the cot?) until they can get out here in daylight to get the bed that's in the back shed.

It was good to get home. I've spent the whole day today in my house. I don't think I've even unlocked a door. I've gotten together a box of handknit items to send to NJ for victims of Superstorm Sandy. I plan to go into Fancy Farm tomorrow to mail it.

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