Saturday, November 3, 2012

Recent Knitting

 No, my couch is not really tilted - only the camera was to try to get the whole shawl in. This is made with some yarn that was donated to my church, so of course, the shawl goes to the church to be blessed and given to someone who is ill, bereaved, or otherwise in need of a hug.
 These scarves are for the KY Special Olympics. The colors were dictated by someone on the state level; I'm going to put a note with the scarves saying that black and other very dark colors are difficult for old eyes to work with. The scarf on the left is a simple slip-stitch pattern. Doing two rows at a time of each color made knitting the black bearable. The one on the right has long pieces of gray at each end, with the Special Olympics logo worked in garter stitch. The middle section is alternating single rows of each color, again to make knitting with the black bearable.
This is a hat for Lily that I made up as I went along. I started with three-stitch I-cord, then increased at the beginning of each row until I had fifteen stitches, and worked a few more rows for the earflap. Knit another cord and earflap, then added stitches between the two (more for the front than for the back) and knit the rest of the hat. I hope it fits her well. There really is some pink and blue in the yarn, but it washed out in the picture.

Now working on:

Carmen's blanket - it will get finished some year.
A girl's sweater.
A baby blanket for church.
Two shawls.

I've been using my kitchen timer and working on a project for an hour. Then I get up and move around - put clothes in the washer, fix a meal, etc., then sit down in a different spot and work on a different project. They'll all get done eventually.

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