Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Red and yellow and pink and green . . ."

You don't really want me to sing a rainbow - I didn't inherit the singing voice gene. But I can knit a rainbow.
It's going to be a pie-are-square shawl, a la Elizabeth Zimmerman. It's something I've had in mind for a long time, but I really shouldn't have started it now when I have:

1) a toy to finish and mail to my sister in Florida. I need to duplicate stitch the facial features, stuff it and sew on the ears. She wants to give it to one of her new great-grandchildren for Christmas.
2)  two Christmas stockings for my two new great-grandchildren.  I have the knitting done on one of them and started on the second. When I finish that, I need to duplicate stitch the names and designs - Alyssa wants the drummer boy I used for her brother's stocking 23 years ago on Brady's, but Sara hasn't told me yet what to put on Lily's. Of course, Lily and Brady won't know or care if I don't get them done by Christmas, but their older siblings will.
3) a baby blanket to give to a baby being baptised at church; I don't know when it will be needed. As you can see, I've only done 16 or 18 rows.
4) a little girl's sweater. I'm making it a size two for a girl who was born in June, so there's no rush.
5) three other shawls in various stages of completion.
This one needs a lace border on the bottom in the yarn pictured with it.
This is probably about 1/5 done.
And this may be about 1/4 finished. Yes, I'm using about 20 different yarns. I call it a random shawl, although it is not completely random.

6) And then there's Carmen's blanket that I;m still only about 15% done with. She will get it sometime.

7) I also need to finish warping the loom before someone from the Nazarene Church comes to pick it up next Monday or Tuesday. I have the warp wound onto the warp beam and threaded through the heddles. I just need to sley the reed and tie on to the cloth beam. I decided to do a rather narrow warp this year - only 100 ends. Sleyed at eight threads per inch, it will weave close to a foot wide (there's always draw-in). I think it will be small rugs/mats to give to the animal shelter.

I that ten pictures? Do you think that's enough?

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