Thursday, January 10, 2013

Special Request Knitting

There were the Christmas stockings, of course, which I've already blogged about. Then there were two things requested a couple of months ago, which had to wait until the stockings were done.

Son Dominic asked for a Cthulhu mask to wear with the Dr Who scarf I made for him many years ago. He emailed pictures of two that other people had done and I did a bit of Internet research on the character. Here is what Dom will be getting as soon as I get it mailed.

My typical poor photography, even worse trying to photograph myself in a mirror. The top one is of the basic ski mask, and she second after I crocheted tentacles under the eyes and mouth.

The other request was from my son-in-law Bob. Several years ago he had a stroke that left him with no use of his left arm and hand. The hand curls into a loose fist, so he can't wear a glove, or even a regular mitten. He said it gets cold, and asked if I could make something to cover it. Here is the mitt I made.

The top picture is on my hand. The ribbing pulls in enough to keep it from falling off (I think), but stretches enough for him to get it on one-handed. In the second picture, I folded up the ribbing and it looks like a hat for a baby.

I took the Cthulhu mask with me to the knitting group at Panera yesterday, and had to model it for each knitter who arrived. I wonder what other Panera customers thought. My friends all thought it was great.

Monday night, the scarf I donated as a door prize was snapped up by the first person who's name was drawn. I'm not sure what the other prizes she could have selected were. I need to look in my stash and plan a scarf for next month's supper.

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