Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

I've been quite productive in the past few days. In addition to completing warping the loom, I have woven three mugrugs.
The filler is from an old thermal undershirt of Dominic's. The spacers between the mugrugs are cut from Styrofoam egg cartons. (Did you know Styrofoam is a proper noun?)

This shows my method for keeping the warp from spreading out too wide - L-shaped brackets held against the warp-beam by metal hose clamps. You don't see much of the clamps because they are covered by the venetian blind slats I use to keep the layers separated. This is the first time I'm using the brackets and clamps - so far, so good.

Yesterday, I completed two of the shawls I've been working on for a while. One is a Pie-are-square shawl from Elizabeth Zimmerman's books.

Do you think it's colorful enough? Sorry some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy. I've thought about doing a rainbow Pie-are-square for some time. I actually have another one in the works, but in a BGYORV order rather than this ROYGBV one.

The thing I like best about Elizabeth Zimmerman's patterns is that she doesn't expect you to knit them exactly like she did. Her prototype for this is in garter stitch in one color, but she suggests using other stitches to make your shawl your own. I sort of think she'd have liked this one.

The other shawl I finished is what I call a random one.
I cast on 131 stitches and used a different yarn in each row, leaving the ends to be fringe. This one really is more purple than anything else - somehow the pinks and blues in the variegated yarns show up better in the photo.I still need to trim the fringes.

And today I have finally filed the 3/4 inch stack of patterns, etc, that I have printed out from various websites since I last filed them. I think I need another binder.

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