Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nothing much happening

Cathy reminded me today that I haven't posted anything here for a while.

When I started this blog almost six and a half years ago, I intended to write about my knitting and gardening. Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and it became mostly about my medical problems. The myeloma has been in remission for almost three years, so there's mot much to write about that. I still see the oncology people about every six weeks to get my port flushed and every three months for blood work, etc., but that's about it. I was at the family doctor's office because I had run out of my blood pressure medication. I shouldn't have been, and the nurse straightened things out with the pharmacy, so I didn't even talk to the doctor. I had the nurse check my blood pressure, since I had been a week without the medication.  At the oncologist's office in January, it was 128/64 (good); yesterday it was 150/90 (not good). I guess I really do need the medicine.

I'm still doing a lot of knitting, but very little gardening/yard work. I'm getting very lazy in my old age! The latest knitting project I have completed is a christening blanket for church.
It looks rather white here, but is really yellow. It has a plain cross in each corner, worked in four different simple stitch patterns. The other symbols are a crown (representing Christ the King), a scollop shell (used to pour the water of baptism), a heart (love), a butterfly (representing the Holy Spirit), and a chalice and host.

I have five shawls and a queen-size blanket on the needles. I keep switching from one to another; I'll finish them all sometime.

I've been spending some time at granddaughter Alyssa's playing with Brady, so she can get more of her work done (she works from home).
He looks like he's praying, doesn't he? At almost six months, he's getting more interesting (I'm not much of an infant person). He already has his bottom front teeth, and has fairly good control of his hands. He also is sitting up for more than two seconds.

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