Sunday, March 10, 2013

What could be more cheerful

than a bed of yellow daffodils?
They're in my side yard, where I see them from my kitchen window. They started blooming about a month ago. They've been sort of beaten down a couple of times by cold, rainy weather, but they're still going strong.

Of course Lexi's lamb (that she likes to sleep with at my house) in the hat she made for it last weekend will put a smile on your face, too.


Anonymous said...

We are not that much farther north than you are, but I haven't seen any blooming flowers. The shoots are up, but that is all.


Anonymous said...

Much more cheerful to me is a good piece of smoked ham!!!

Anonymous said...

So cheerful. When I was growing up in west Kentucky, we always called daffodils March flowers. It's going to be weeks before they escape the snow here.