Thursday, March 7, 2013

I've done it again . . .

and no one reminded me that I hadn't posted for ages.

That ice I mentioned in the last post disappeared by 9 am the next day. We've had one dusting of snow since then, but most of the precipitation has been liquid. That suits me just fine. The daffodils started blooming three weeks earlier than usual, but they are still going strong. They are always such a cheerful sign that spring is coming.

I've been doing quite a bit of reading, mainly on two series: one by Julia Spencer-Fleming in which the main character is an Episcopal priest in a small town in upstate New York, the other by Phil Rickman in which the main character is an Anglican priest in an English village on the Welsh border. The Spencer-Fleming series has titles that come from hymns, with the words of the hymns printed on the page before the story begins. I find myself singing them before I start reading (you don't want to hear it).

And of course, I've been knitting.

I've never liked anything on my head, but recently I decided I wanted a hat to keep my ears warm. I knit this with some of my handspun yarn. I like the pentagon on the top.

And here are some shawls I've finished. Lexi said she'll probably take one of the red ones for her teacher. I don't know what Rose, Kyra and Devin will want. I will have others for them to choose from, too, before school lets out in May. Whatever ones the kids don't want for their teachers will go to the church to be blessed and given to people who are ill, bereaved, etc.

Lexi took these pictures when she was here last weekend. I asked her if she wanted to be the model or the photographer - she chose photographer. She's actually better than I am in both jobs.

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