Thursday, May 16, 2013

The crazy lady's at it again!

Working on ways to use up some of the stuff I've accumulated. About 15 years ago, at an 'antique mall' in Paducah, I bought a few dozen cones of sewing thread. The man in the shop said they had come from one of the sewing factories that used to be in Mayfield. I don't remember exactly what I was planning to do with them at the time. They have sat on the shelf, and been moved from an apartment in Mayfield to a house in Mayfield, and finally to this house in Milburn. Yesterday, I gathered about a dozen reds and blues and used a large crochet hook to make a loooong chain. I rolled that into a ball and will use it as weft/filler in some of the mugrugs. During the night, it struck me that I could combine them much faster by plying them with the spinning wheel. So this morning, I turned this
(there are 19 cones there - I wonder how many miles of thread are on each one)
into this.

I did three bobbins full, put them on the lazy-kate, and plied them together.
This gave me a nice size thread/yarn to weave mugrugs with. And there's plenty more on each of those cones.

I think I'll do this with the reds, the blues and the oranges, as well. Maybe some day I'll get rid of all of it and my kids and grandkids won't need to worry about it when I'm gone.

I also have a lot of stuff that came from a pajama factory - the jersey-knit material used for cuffs and neck bands. Some of it is a nice width and I've been using it for years to weave rugs. However, some is rather wide for that. It's in 'wheels' up to a foot across. There was one wheel in a nice lavender, that was only about five inches across, but the width was twice what I wanted to work with. So I put it on the lazy-kate, and cut it down the middle as I pulled it off the roll. I didn't bother to roll it back up - just stuffed it in a canvas totebag.

Now I need to put another warp on the loom - What color?

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