Friday, May 31, 2013

Another week has passed,

since my last post. I've been doing the normal knitting, weaving, etc. My mugrug count is now up to 295. I figure another six 8-yard warps will do it. We've had mainly nice weather, so I've spent time on the front porch cutting up t-shirts friends have donated to the cause. I cut the body of the shirts (hem to underarm) in one long strip about an inch wide. I plan to use those pieces in December. I'll tell people that a customer brought worn-out garments and asked me to cut them up and weave a rug for her. How does that sound?

The sleeves and top parts, I cut about half an inch wide. I'm using those pieces for the mugrugs, sometimes mixing them with the thread stuff I showed earlier. Some of them are solid color, some striped. Most look petty good.

On Wednesday, I spent the afternoon and evening playing with Brady. He had surgery on Tuesday to repair his birth defect. Hypospadias and chordee. The first word means that his urethra did not come out to the end of his penis; the second that the penis was curved (don't know how they can tell that something that small is curved). He came home with a catheter in place for a week. On Wednesday, he was quite rambunctious, climbing all over me, biting my nose, trying to pull the embroidered Eeyore off my shirt, trying to get a jelly bean out of the covered candy dish. He didn't like taking his medicine (antibiotic and Tylenol); he, Alyssa and I all had a few dots of it on our clothing, but most of it went into him. Changing his diaper is definitely a two-person operation. We accomplished it with no complications until about 9 pm. Then as I was gently but firmly holding his arms and one foot and Alyssa was cleaning him and putting salve on, there was a strong stream of urine and Alyssa said, "Oh my God, it came out; the whole thing came out!" The catheter was lying there, attached with two tiny stitches to his penis. She called the local emergency room, but they said she needed to call the hospital in St Louis where the surgery was done. After about 45 minutes, someone there was finally able to confirm that they must return him there, even though it is three hours away. The woman also said to cut the stitches so the tube was not hanging off him. He was probably more comfortable without the catheter, but it needs to be there to keep things in place while the healing gets underway. When Stephen got home from work, they headed back to St Louis for the second time in 36 hours. Stephen's parents came and took Devin home with them, and Lexi was still with her father's family, so they didn't need to worry about either of the older kids. It was about noon on Thursday that they got home. I just hope and pray that there are no more problems.

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