Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weaving & sewing

I've been weaving mugrugs recently. These are for the Walk through Bethlehem that I will probably participate in again this December. The kids are given 'shekels' when they enter the village, and can spend them at the various stalls. The mugrugs will be available at the carpet stall, where I will be weaving.
First I put on an 11- or 12-yard, pink warp, and got 44 pieces from it. Then I put on an 8-yard dark green warp and got 31 pieces. Finally I put on another 8-yard, beige warp and got 35 pieces. I've decided that 8 yards is about the easiest length to wind on my warping board. In addition to the colors I've already used, I have medium green, pastel green, medium blue and black available for warp. I'm using a variety of things for the weft. I had zig-zagged across the ends of 20 of them with the sewing machine a few days ago, but did the other 90 today.  I hope to have about 500 pieces done by December. There are several dozen 2-inch squares left from last year.

I also hemmed the dozen small rugs I wove during the Walk last December. They are in the washer now, because some of them got pretty dirty in moving the loom on the wagon each night. I don't bother to wash the mugrugs.
For some reason, I didn't put enough on the ends of the red ones to turn under, so they are just zig-zagged across the ends, but the blue and gray ones have turned-under hems. The warp on all of them is blue and beige.

I have some tote-bags I need to complete, as well, but I only have so much patience for sewing. I don't know why that is, since I learned to sew much earlier than to weave or knit.

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