Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ice House Knitting Group

Here's Shirley modeling one of her knitted and fulled hats at the knitting group on Tuesday. Isn't it colorful?! She adds eyelash yarn to the brim and is often quite creative with the colors, although many are 'quieter' than this one. She's also an excellant rug weaver.

I took the afghan that I pulled of the shelf a couple of weeks ago to finish after 20 years. I was ready to start the last (5th) 8-oz skein of yarn and needed help deciding whether to use fringe. If I was going to use it, I needed to cut it before starting that last skein. The concensus was that I didn't need fringe, so I have now finished the blanket. It is not Lily Chin's reversible cables, but it is cables and it is reversible. The back of the cables on one side form the reverse stockinette background for the cables on the other side. It's Cliveden 4-ply acrylic. (I think Cliveden has become Caron.) It's an ombre yarn with three strands of white and one of pale peach. After I bound of, I thought I had enough yarn left for a preemie cap. Since it is worsted weight yarn, I used size 6 needles and 49 stitches. After finishing the cap, I had only a couple of yards left. That's what I like - very little waste.

The other things I've completed recently are two seamen's scarves, a hat and mitten set for a 6 or 7 year old, and six other preemie caps. I've emailed a friend who's a nurse and asked if the local hospital needs preemie caps, but haven't heard from her yet.

No, that one scarf isn't black, just a very dark burgundy. I don't do black by itself - too hard on the old eyes.

I did more mowing yesterday for about an hour, but there will be no mowing today. It's cold and rainy.

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