Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Random Scarves

Here are four of the scarves I've knit recently, using a lot of leftover yarn. The one encircling the others is all red and purple. I think perhaps a 'Red Hat Society' lady might like it. I'm working on another red and purple one now, as well. Most of them are 200 stitches, although on a couple, when I counted stitches after a few rows, I had a few more stitches than I thought. It's easy to loose count when casting on a large number, and for these scarves it doesn't really matter. I use seed stitch because it lies flat and it mixes up the colors better than garter stitch does. About every inch, I put in an eyelash yarn to give interesting texture. Some of the other yarns are fairly highly textured, also. No two scarves are axactly alike, even if the same group of yarns are used. My granddaughter had not seen any of them until she stopped by Sunday afternoon. She selected the one she wanted, of course. She did ask if she could have one, but I think she didn't wait for my reply. (The reply was yes, of course.)


The Home Health nurse came on Saturday to have me sign papers relating to their services. She had most of my information, but was verifying it and getting a little more. A physical therapist came yesterday afternoon, and one will also come tomorrow. I haven't been doing the exercises as much as I should (knitting is much more fun).

I had my monthly visit to the oncologist yesterday morning. In addition to the bloodwork they normally do, they checked my blood for 'thinness' since I am on coumadin. They called later and said to alternate between 1 tablet and 1/2 tablet per day. I was glad to learn that the tablets break easily. I'll only be on the anti-coagulant for about three weeks. The home health people will do the blood test next week to see if it needs further adjusting.

I'm doing some things around the house. I did one load of laundry Sunday and another one today. I used my 'reacher' to pick things up from the floor and out of the basket which was on a stool, but was too far away from the washer for me to reach without it. Transferring from washer to dryer is no problem, but getting things out of the dryer is. Sunday I was able to reach the things in the front without bending too far, but I had Dominic come and get the things out of the back. I could have used the 'reacher' for that as well, but I didn't have it with me, and Dominic was handy. The dryer's buzzer sounded just as Dominic left earlier to go to Alyssa's house. Since I don't care if the things in there this time get wrinkled, I decided to wait until he gets back and then have him put them all in a basket and carry it back to my room.

I did a half-way job of sweeping the kitchen floor yesterday, and had Dominic finish up with the dustpan. I've also washed dishes a couple of times. A lot of people think I'm weird because I like to wash dishes - but only in my own kitchen. And I've done some cooking. My friend Marcia came by this afternoon and brought a casserole, some bread, coleslaw and some frozen fruit with suggestions on how she likes the fruit. When Dominic returns, we'll have a good supper!

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