Sunday, September 23, 2007

And He's Off!

Here's Dominic yesterday morning at the bus station in Paducah, ticket in hand, ready to board the bus on his way to New Jersey. From Paducah, he went to Nashville, Knoxville, Richmond VA, Washington DC, and finally Philadelphia. His friend Bob met him there. He'll be working with Bob and living at Bob's mother-in-law's house. Dom has known Paula since he was in his mid-teens, so it's not like he's meeting someone new. I hope this all works out well for him.

So now I'm alone - most of the time anyway. I had only been home long enough to put away the groceries I bought on the way back, when Alyssa called and said she'd be here in a few minutes to drop Alexis off. Having Alexis spend Saturday night with me gives me incentive to drive thirty miles each way to church on Sunday morning. She really likes my church. I do, too, but by myself it's very easy to say that I don't feel like driving that far.

Does she look comfortable? When I got a new computer with Windows XP a year ago, her mom set us four 'user spaces' - Adele, Dominic, Alexis and Guest. In Alexis' space, she put links to three web sites she approves of, so Lexi can go to them when she's here, and play games, etc, designed for her age group.

The headband fell off, and she put it back on differently. Which brings me to head sizes. The T-top I knit for her a few weeks ago (there's a picture of it a few entries back) won't go over head. Today I pulled out a tape measure and measured her head - straight around just above her eyebrows. 22 inches!!!!! She's only six years old! My head is 23 inches, and I've always believed it was large. I took the tape measure along when I took her home, to measure her mom's head. Before I even had the tape completely around Alyssa's head, she said, "I have a big head; so does Alexis." Alyssa's is 22 1/2 inches. No wonder the top won't fit. I don't know whether to take the top halfway apart and re-knit it, or to just do a new one and put that one in the charity knitting box. A completely new one would probably be easier.

FYI: The roadkill of the month for September in far western Kentucky is possum.

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Anonymous said...

So. . . .is possum stew going to be on the menu tonight?