Wednesday, September 5, 2007


We're finally getting some rain! Monday afternoon we had a terrific storm here in Milburn, but in Mayfield, 15 miles east, they had only black clouds and a few drops. The wind and the deluge started simultaneously, so I didn't have a chance to lash the porch swing to the post. I'm always afraid it will hit the window when it is blown that hard, but so far it hasn't. The storm lasted almost 15 minutes. One of the lightweight, resin chairs got blown off the front porch. Everything on the back porch is too heavy to move except in hurricane- or tornado-force winds. It's also a little more protected than the front.

When I left yesterday morning to go to Mayfield, I noticed that the wind had done a lot of damage to my neighbor's patio furniture. Several of the chairs were scattered up to 15-20 feet from where they had been, and the umbrella was up-side-down on the ground. Worst of all, the table had been moved and the glass top shattered. That's going to be very hard to get out of the grass.

There was a little more rain yesterday, and it looks like we may get some today as well. I guess the grass will start growing again, and I'll have to mow. I've enjoyed the two-month break from that task.

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