Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm Out of My Gourd

Of course my children (and perhaps my siblings) would probably say I always have been.

The Mayfield/Graves County Art Guild is hosting All About Gourds, its sixth annual juried exhibit of gourd art, with entries from gourd artists from around the country, now through the end of October. I was there today for the weekly fiberarts group, and took a few pictures of works by local people that I could ask permission to put their work on my blog. Ronn and Fred happened to be in the building, which made it very easy to ask them, and I figured Fred could speak for his wife.
In July, Margaret Merida brought a box of these squares and circles of gourd to one of the Tuesday morning fiber-art groups, and sat there sanding them with a spongy sanding block. She wasn't sure just how she would make something wearable with them, but that was her intention. She makes wonderful vests and jackets using quilting techniques, and dyeing much of the fabric herself, so a vest was a natural project for the gourd pieces. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the lining - it's a beautiful fabric.
Margaret taught art in a high school in Louisville for years, and retired to Graves County several years ago. Her husband Fred had an art gallery in Louisville, and is very knowledgable about art. He also is very creative. Last year he had a full size replica of their dog (I forget what breed it is, but it's one of the big ones) made of gourds in the All About Gourds show.
Here are two of his entries this year. This woman is full size. The taller giraffe is Fred's, while the shorter one is by Ronn Moyers, who has a BA in art from Murray State University and is very active in the Art Guild. He was there today helping prepare for the Gourd Patch Festival which will be held on Saturday.
This is the third year for the festival. There will be people demonstrating various crafts, including wheel-thrown pottery, wood carving and gourd crafts. Last year I demonstrated spinning, but I don't think I feel like doing it again this year. There'll also be activities for children, live entertainment, food and other vendors, etc.
This is what I've been working on for the last several days. Nice small, easy projects using up leftover yarn from my projects or someone else's. Each headband/earwarmer takes about two hours and uses less than an ounce and a half of yarn. They are all acrylic; I plan to donate them to the Paducah Cooperative Ministries for the people they serve at their homeless shelter or otherwise.
I'm slowly decreasing the stash - about 32.5 pounds so far this year.
Yesterday was my monthly (actually every four weeks) visit to the oncologist. Still responding well to the treatment. My blood is about the right consistancy, so I'm to continue the Coumadin at the current dosage, and don't need to have it tested again until I go there for my regular visit on October 8.
It is now 14 weeks since my hip replacement. I'm still walking slower than I did a few years ago, but I'm improving. I can also bend a little farther without discomfort - not all the way down to the floor, but close. I managed to cut the nails on the right foot yesterday (I did the left one, the easy one, a few days ago), so I was able to wear socks and loafers today - my feet were chilly this morning in sandals.
We've had some rain most days for the last week, so the grass has resumed growing. I hear my neighbor out in her yard now mowing, and it sounds like the guy across the road is baling hay in his mini-meadow there. The temperature has started dropping, and it's getting dark a lot earlier than it did in high summer. I have the A/C off and the windows open. I hope I can keep it that way for the next several weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I especially like the giraffes. Pauline and I were with you the day the lady was sanding the gourd pieces. It is amazing to see what she did with them!!