Thursday, September 13, 2007

It Works!

Do you think it's bright enough! It kept me from going back to sleep after I awoke shortly after six yesterday, I wanted to sleep another hour or more, but got to thinking about making a holder for my large water bottle to attach to the lawn mower. As my friend Shirley said on Tuesday, thinking is not conducive to sleep. I dug out all the tiny balls of veriegated yarns left over from other projects (mine or someone else's) and crocheted the holder.

I had a slight disaster with it yesterday. You can see the extra knot in the cord, and my solution to the problem. The holder slid around a lot with the vibrations and movement of the mower and got caught in the space between the two sections of the handle. It continued to swing, of course, and the cord broke. I've now tied a dishcloth there to keep the bottle holder from going into that space. The towel (actually 1/4 of an old bath towel) on the other side is for wiping my hands after I clean out the discharge space when it gets clogged. I can now bend down far enough to do that without pain in my hip. Another piece of that towel is around my neck while I'm mowing to wipe my sweaty brow.


Last night Dominic noticed that my light was still on about 11 o'clock, so he came back to check on me. This is what he found. I had gone to sleep reading. The book is On, Off by Colleen McCullough. I've been reading a lot of mysteries recently, but of what I call the fluff variety - quick, easy reads that you don't have to think about, with 'girl sleuths' who cook or knit or have herb shops. The books include recipes or knitting patterns.

On, Off is NOT fluff. Colleen McCullough is a wonderful writer. I was not aware that she had written any mysteries until I saw this on the library shelf. One of my favorite books (I've read it at least three times) is her The Ladies of Missalonghi. It's short - under 200 pages - and delightful.

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NS said...

Yes, Ladies of Missalonghi is the only book Ive read twice and Ive just purchased a hardback to keep for when Im 50.

You have good taste!