Saturday, April 5, 2008

Birthday Parties

Lexi is at one this afternoon. It's across the road from her dad's parents, so they provided the gift for her to take.

She's going to another one (a sleep-over) on Monday (it's Spring Break) for one of her classmates. Alyssa said she really didn't have money for a gift, but asked what the girl likes. Lexi said she likes to draw, and she likes Barbies. Great! Barbies make it easy. Three or four months ago I knit a bunch of Barbie clothes, including some watchcaps. They're mostly from leftover sock yarn. I think a couple of outfits will make a very nice birthday gift.

I was going to put some of these things in the gift shop at the Art Guild, but now I think I'll keep them here for Lexi to use as birthday gifts for her friends. Probably every girl in this country between five and ten has at least one Barbie or other fashion doll. Handknit clothes for them is something the girls probably don't have.

This was Lexi's desert on Thursday night. Such creativity with toothpicks and mini-marshmallows! She asked Alyssa and me if we wanted some, but we both declined. I only like marshmallows if they're roasted on a bonfire. Alyssa is even more particular - they have to be part of a s'more.

And here's little girl walking up the driveway from the school bus. Looks like she's almost dragging her jacket.

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