Saturday, April 12, 2008


Last Sunday I wished I had my camera with me, so I made sure I took it when I went there yesterday for the Heartland Lace Guild meeting. This is the mobile that is hanging in the church. The sexton (janitor) folded the cranes, recycling service sheets that people left in the pews. Isn't it lovely. The single strand to give a closer view is hanging outside the acolyte vesting room.

After the meeting, I stopped in the hospital to see my friend Shirley. She has been moved to the Transitional Care Unit, which is operated according to nursing home regulations. She said she is now halfway through the radiation therapy, and should be allowed to go home after that. She will then need some chemotherapy, which will be on an outpatient basis. I'll be glad to help with transportation for that, but she knows that being here to get Lexi off the school bus takes precedence.

One of the nurses has asked Shirley to teach her to knit, so she asked if I could bring her some yarn and needles - she'd replace from her stash when she got home. I told her I don't need replacements; I'm trying to reduce my stash. So after church tomorrow I'll visit her again and give her some knitting supplies. I selected some light-colored worsted-weight acrylic; the light colors make it easier to see the stitches. I don't have any straight needles - gave them all away years ago (there was an appeal for needles and yarn for refugees somewhere in eastern Europe), since I prefer to use circulars (or double-pointed ones for socks and other things with only a few stitches), but I found that I have more 29" circulars in sizes 8 and 10 than I'll ever need at one time, so I put one of each of them in the bag. That should be enough for knitting lessons. I'm always glad to do what I can to get another person hooked on knitting or crochet, although when it comes to actually teaching them, I'm no good.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Those cranes ARE lovely. What a wonderful way to reuse leftover paper.