Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shirley's 'Stuff'

A few days ago, my friend Shirley's executors notified a bunch of us 'fiber people' that they would be at Shirley's house this morning, and said we could come and see what weaving, knitting, etc supplies we would like. They were not putting prices on anything, just asking that people figure for themselves what things are worth. There was very little yarn I wanted - she had mostly wool, which is not suitable for the charity knitting I'm doing now, but I came out with several books. I also got about eight pounds of 'loopers' - like the loops for potholder looms. These are terrycloth ones, mostly white with some gray ones. I think Lexi and I will figure out some use for them - maybe I'll offer them to the art teacher at her school. I also got a 16-needle, circular knitting machine (by Mattel). I'll have to teach Lexi how to use it.

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