Friday, August 8, 2008

Nice Weather

After about a week of hot (mid- to high-90's), humid weather, we're having some really nice days - temperatures in the mid- to high-80's with comfortable humidity. Yesterday I actually did some mowing in the middle of the day rather than waiting until after supper. Then I sat in the back-yard swing (it's on a frame of heavy timbers) and knitted. The swing gets some sun early in the morning and late in the afternoon, but is shaded most of the day. There was a frequent light breeze yesterday, as well, so I was very comfortable sitting there until the late afternoon sun started hitting me. This morning I had my coffee onthe back porch and after Alyssa and Alexis left, I spent some time cutting the cypress vine off the porch furniture. That stuff seems to take forever to start growing each year, but once it starts, it grows like mad and winds its way around anything that doesn't move. I also watered the plants that are in pots, and harvested the few tomatoes that are ripe.

Now I have three hours to knit or read before I need to drive into Mayfield to pick Lexi up from school. She and Alyssa will be moving into Mayfield soon, so Alyssa registered her in the school there, using her boyfriend's address. Alyssa takes her in the mornings, but I have to pick her up on days that she works. We went in Tuesday and saw her classroom and met her teacher. This is the second year in the new school, so everything is still bright and shiny. Alyssa told me that evening that the teacher is the ex-wife of her boyfriend's mother's boyfriend.

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