Friday, August 1, 2008

No Phone? Or Internet?

Tuesday morning I took the two items I'm entering in the Art Guild's annual Arts in the Community exhibit to the Guild and then sat there knitting and talking to my friend Jo. Alyssa came in and said she had been trying to call me, but the calls went directly to voicemail. We figured the cable must be out - my phone and internet service are both provided by Galaxy Cablevision. It was still out when I went to bed that night. Wednesday morning, before I got out of bed, I picked up the phone and was glad to hear that I had service. However, about mid-day it was off again, and stayed off through Thursday. I kept wishing Alyssa would come so she could call the company on her cellphone, but I wasn't concerned enough about it to ask to use a neighbor's phone. When I found that it was back on this morning, I called the company to find out if I could expect it to stay on. They said that it should, and they are going to give me a small credit - I hadn't thought of that. I've never been one for talking on the phone much, but I really don't like not having it available.

I thought that on Saturday I had finally convinced the cat that I don't like her sitting on my lap and trying to eat my yarn while I knit. I hardly saw her at all for several days; I think she was in Alyssa's room much of the time. Today she was back to trying to eat my yarn.

I have two new projects I'm working on. One is a replacement for the crocheted bedspread listed in the sidebar. When I started working on it again last week, I decided that the neuropathy in my fingers (caused both by the myeloma and by the medication for the myeloma) makes working with such a small hook too uncomfortable to continue. I plan to give Yvette what I have done so far, plus the rest of the thread, the pattern and the crochet hook, and suggest that she find someone else to finish it. Or she can learn to crochet and finish it herself. However, I want her to have something completed by me, so I'm knitting a counterpane/afghan using worsted-weight yarn and size 10 needles. It's going quickly, so she'll definitely have it by her fourth anniversary in about two months.

The other project is a cape for a friend. It's a basic pattern, starting at the neck and increasing two stitches at three points every other row. I've done several short (18 to 20 inches) ones and donated them to a nursing home. This one will be longer. I don't know how long - that will depend on how far the yarn goes. I always use some easy lace stitch. The cape also is going quickly.

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